Fantastic Red Fox Photos Captured in the Wild

Like Nikolai Zinoviev, Roeselien Raimond is a photographer whose love of nature and animals is evident through her amazing wildlife photos. While she's able to capture everything from beautiful birds in flight to hilariously levitating lambs, it's her red fox photos that make us sit back and stare.

Taken in the Dutch dunes, these images show foxes in a wide range of different moods and actions from hunting and fighting to playing and grooming. What compels her to take all these different photos of foxes? “I think I'm just a fan of the more complex, layered characters,” she tells us. “Every fox has his own character, which keeps me fascinated.”

After years of studying them, she says it's still hard to find regular patterns. “They have a free will, just like us, and where some other animals might have more predictable routines, foxes are quite spontaneous,” she explains. “You never know if you will find them sleeping or hunting..or if you're going to find them at all.

“With foxes, every day is a surprise, which makes photographing them both extremely frustrating and highly exciting. And it's what keeps me coming back for more.”

Roeselien Raimond's website and blog

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