Adorable Portraits Capture the Droopy Delight of Dogs Lying Upside-Down

Photographer Serenah Hodson has a knack for capturing dogs in their unabashedly goofy moments. Her Dry Dog Wet Dog series, which showed the shifts in pups' playful personalities after a stint in the shower, was only the beginning of the photographer's whimsical dog portraits. Now, with a project called The Upside of Dogs, Hodson manages to encapsulate another lovable quirk of a canine's character: the way these adorable animals have a fondness for lying on their backs, with their fur flopping down and their paws up in the air.

Hodson explains that the concept was inspired by the silly way her own bulldogs sleep–which always makes her laugh–but the images feature more than just her personal pets. She shows us a range of breeds, shapes, and sizes, including several of the dogs that she highlighted in her previous series. By lining up two, three, or even four furry subjects side-by-side in a few of the shots, she indirectly highlights the pups' universal fondness for the upturned pose. Each one seems to relish in the comfort of a cushy mattress while glancing gleefully towards the camera, begging for a belly rub.

Serenah Hodson: Website | Facebook
via [Mashable, PetaPixel]

All images via Serenah Hodson.

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