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New Gadget Syncs with Your Phone to Turn Any Bicycle into a "Smart Bike"

Two of the biggest issues that urban cyclists face are navigation and security. The makers of SmartHalo want to solve these problems with a gadget that’ll transform any analog bike into a “smart” one. To do this, they’ve created a weather-resistant device that attaches in between the handlebars and uses lights to assist you in a few ways, including: providing turn-by-turn directions; illuminating your path at night; and anti-theft protection.

The most defining feature of SmartHalo is the easy-to-use navigation system. It pairs with an app that guides you from point A to point B and works like any other GPS–just type in where you’d like to go and the app finds the safest and quickest route. Directions are then transmitted to the bike using SmartHalo’s circular interface, where inuitive lighting indicates if you need to head right, left, or make a U-turn. The device will also tell you when you’ve arrived, and when you’re ready to leave, it’ll will show where you’re parked.

At night, SmartHalo will guide you to safety with its innovative lighting system. The 250-lumen lamp comes on as soon as the sun sets and automatically shuts off once you’re done riding. That way, you’ll never forget to turn it off or worry about it getting stolen–SmartHalo stays permanently on your bike thanks to tamper-proof screws. But if your ride does come in harm’s way, the device is equipped with a special integrated alarm that will set off a loud siren and flash a bright red light.

The SmartHalo is currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter.

SmartHalo: Website | Kickstarter
via [Designers of Things]

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