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Children’s Drawings Turned Into Jewelry Capture Memories as Timeless Keepsakes

Drawings created by kids symbolize the essence of childhood—a time that seems to pass in just a split second. Although bittersweet, parents can now wear these prized artworks around their necks or on their wrists and have a permanent memory of this special time. Tasarim Takarim (I Wear Design) turns children’s drawings into fine jewelry, translating the doodles into small pendants made of silver or gold. These endearing pieces showcase the timeless imagination and creativity of children.

Tasarim Takarim was inspired by Istanbul-based artist Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu’s own daughter, Serin. Her artwork gave Tavukçu the idea to turn the drawings into precious wearables, and she collaborated with sculptor and goldsmith Özgür Karavit to make it a reality (whose own son, Kerem, also helped inspire their collaboration). Now, customers from all over the world send their doodles to the company. “Every drawing is unique,” Tavukçu explained to Huffington Post. “So their application solutions and their techniques are also unique.”

Many of Tasarim Takarim’s works are given as presents, and there’s often a bonus, intangible gift that goes along with it: the child’s reaction to seeing their drawing as an object. “When kids see the jewelry [they designed], they become so proud of themselves and feel very happy,” Tavukçu said. “They feel so self-confident. They really believe that their art is loved and appreciated by others.”

Tasarim Takarim sells their personalized creations through Etsy.

Tasarim Takarim: Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook
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