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Beautifully Crafted Paper City Highlights Intricate Patterns in Moroccan Culture

Inspired by the intricate patterns in Moroccan culture, New York-based paper artists The Makerie Studio created an alluringly beautiful place they call Cloud City. Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft make up the creative practice, and they carved and sculpted the fantastical palaces. The heavily-detailed structures are set against a dreamy, hazy-colored background and photographed by Luke Kirwan, whose lighting makes the scene appear ethereal and otherworldly.

The Makerie Studio produced these weightless-looking buildings out of iridescent paper. They are truly stunning pieces; each features a mixture of small, complex patterns and layered papers. It creates subtle color effects that truly shine in certain lights.

As you look beyond the gorgeous exterior, you’ll find that every structure has something inside of it. We see a fountain, a flowering tree, and more. It adds to the story and mystique of this floating patterned city, which we can ponder as we continue to admire the incredible craft.

The Makerie Studio website and Luke Kirwan website
via [Fubiz]

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