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140 Painted Fiberglass Bears Promote Unity in Paris

Today, Eugene, our very own COO, was walking with his friends near the Eiffel Tower when he spotted this delightful sculptural installation consisting of 140 fiberglass painted bear sculptures. From now till November 18, 2012, these colorful bears, approximately 6-feet high, will stand hand in hand at the Champ de Mars to mark two occasions – the 25th anniversary of the twinning cities of Paris and Berlin and the 50th anniversary of the signing of the lyse Treaty. This exhibition is meant to show the strong ties between France and Germany and their capital cities.

Called United Buddy Bears, each individual sculpture represents a different country recognized by the United Nations. Every single one of them has been designed and created by a different artist on behalf of their native countries. As their friendly stances suggest, they're meant to remind us about the importance of tolerance and understanding between different nations, cultures and religions.

Since first going on display in Berlin back in 2002, United Buddy Bears has been seen in 25 countries around the world. Can you spot your country's bear?

United Buddy Bears website
Photos by Eugene Kim and Mindy Dymin

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