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Jonathan Puckey is a graphic designer and programmer based in Amsterdam. What's amazing about Jonathan is that he's a leader in using modern technology to manipulate pictures and create pieces of art. Instead of relying on already existing tools, he creates his own, such as the ‘delauney raster', a custom-written image vectorization tool for adobe illustrator. Though those tools may be foreign to someone that's not an artist, like me, I can appreciate the beauty of his work and his motivation to break new barriers in art and design. “I attended a lecture by Karel Martens in 2005. He was talking about how much his work is based on the limitations of printing techniques such as letterpress and litho. I felt very jealous, because my computer doesn't have any limits. Being able to produce anything feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders. Every single decision becomes so full of meaning; I could have done it in thousands of other ways. Tools are able to create a little world of logic that break up all these decisions into larger pieces. You've already solved a number of problems by creating the tool and now you're left to spend more attention on performing the design.”


Kate Moss



Jost Hochuli

Self portrait of Jonathan Puckey Jonathan Puckey's website

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