This Eco-Friendly Mural Uses Special Paint That Eats Smog To Help Clean the Air

Converse Environmentally Friendly Mural in Warsaw

A new mural in Poland is helping people breathe a little easier thanks to special paint. As part of the Converse City Forests project, Polish artists Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak came together to design a piece of public art in Warsaw. The results aren't only aesthetically beautiful, but environmentally friendly, too. The artists' vision, which was executed by Good Looking Studio, came to life using paint that actually cuts down on pollution.

So, how does the unique pigment work? This photocatalytic paint is activated by light to break down pollutants and turn the substance into harmless nitrates, thus improving air quality. In fact, the City Forests project aims to “plant” trees in areas where they don't grow. For instance, the Warsaw mural is located next to the Politechnika metro station, a busy hub of activity. Converse estimates that the enormous piece of public art has the cleaning power of 780 trees.

The overall concept of the Warsaw mural brings together the urban environment and nature. Ryski focused on the architectural elements while Polak took charge of the natural motifs that flow across the building. By combining their skills, they were able to create a harmonious and balanced composition that speaks to the campaign slogan “Create Together for Tomorrow.”

The goal for the entire project is to produce art that equals 3,000 trees. With work planned in Sydney, Sao Paolo, Lima, and Bogota, as well as many other cities, there seems to be nothing holding them back from reaching their goal.

As part of the Converse City Forests project, artists painted a special mural in Warsaw.

Mural Painted with Smog Eating Paint in Warsaw

Made with air-purifying paint, the mural actually helps improve air quality.

Work in Progress on Street Art Mural in Warsaw

Artist Painting an Environmentally Friendly Mural

This one mural alone has the purifying power of 780 trees.

Work in Progress on Street Art Mural in Warsaw

Artist Painting an Environmentally Friendly Mural

Converse City Forests: Website

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Good Looking Studio.

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