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Sculpture in Motion Made of 12,000 Translucent Orbs

FLUIDIC is an interactive light art installation for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center by Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid. Known as a “sculpture in motion,” the piece invites visitors to test its responsive technology which simulates motion through 3D light projection. Made up of 12,000 translucent orbs suspended by nearly invisible strings, the installation has an out-of-this-world, futuristic quality about it.

Accompanied by 8 high-speed projectors, FLUIDIC presents a transformation of the sculptural part of the piece as light washes over the spheres from all angles. Viewers are given the opportunity to experience the interactive evolution of the installation from anywhere around it. The project’s statement explains: “The installation comes with multiple 3D camera tracking systems that are able to analyze the presence of the visitors, their positions and posture. All joints of the human body are recognized and tracked by the systems constantly. This enables precise three-dimensional interactions with the graphics and elements of the cloud.”

WHITEvoid website
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