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Exquisite Honeycomb Jewelry Pays Homage to the Natural Beauty of Bees

North Carolina-based studio Winged Lion pays homage to the ancient art of beekeeping through their honeycomb-inspired jewelry. Crafted by designer Sergey Zhiboedov, exquisite rings and necklaces feature sterling silver hexagonal patterns that are filled with natural citrine, a glassy yellow quartz that mimics the appearance of honey. While all of the designs include this decorative element, some pieces take the bee-theme a step further and include a life-sized version of the creature. This realistic, 14 karat yellow-gold form has an antique finishing that enhances its many intricate details.

Bees are a cherished symbol of visual culture. Throughout the centuries, they’ve represented feelings of love, family, diligence, and community. “Fascinated by the rich golden color of honey and the small hardworking insects,” Winged Lion writes, “we designed a pendant that captures their natural beauty.”

Winged Lion sells all of their jewelry in their Etsy shop.

Winged Lion: Website | Facebook | Etsy
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