Wood and Resin Sculptures Capture the Elegant Beauty of Wild and Free Animals

Wood and Resin Animal Sculptures by Yurii Myketka

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When it comes to merging materials, wood and resin make the perfect pair for creating eye-catching works of art. Ukrainian artist Yurii Myketka showcases the beautiful possibilities of combining opaque warm wood and translucent epoxy resin to create his minimalist animal sculptures.

One of Myketka’s stand-out works is his whale sculpture crafted from acacia wood and blue epoxy resin. “In my opinion, whales are the most majestic creatures on our planet,” Myketka tells My Modern Met. “To see a real whale could be a big life experience. Even a picture of it can make you think and dream bigger. I knew that even before I started selling my works, so there was no other option except trying to share their beauty with other people.” Perfectly hand-crafted, Myketka’s stunning sculpture captures the elegance of the graceful sea creature, as well as the beauty of its habitat. It looks as though it actually holds a piece of the swirling blue ocean within its form.

Other than whales, Myketka also crafts wood and resin sculptures of animals such as birds and foxes. No matter his subject, they all seem to have one common feature. “They all are wild and free in some sense,” Myketka explains. “Birds represent lightness and freedom, there're thousands of different species of them, and they all are beautiful. Put two birds on a branch and it's a symbol of love, put three or four and it's family. I make wooden sculptures of things that inspire me.”

Myketka’s making process varies with each piece, but the talented craftsman always makes sure to maintain the natural beauty of his materials. “The process of making my sculptures is changing with every new experience,” he says. “There is of course a standard routine of woodcarving, but when you combine a nice piece of wood with colorful epoxy resin you have to use a lot of skills and imagination not to ruin a natural beauty of wood.”

Scroll down to check out some of Myketka’s wood and resin animal sculptures. When he’s not crafting creatures, Myketka also makes custom wall hangings, jewelry, and more. Check out his Etsy shop here.

Ukrainian artist Yurii Myketka crafts stunning animal sculptures from wood and resin. His whale sculptures are particularly stunning.

Wood and Resin Animal Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Whale Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Whale Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Animal Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Animal Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Whale Sculpture by Yurii Myketka

Each nature-inspired piece captures the elegance of its subject.

Wood and Resin Animal Sculpture by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Animal Sculptures by Yurii MyketkaAnimal Sculptures by Yurii MyketkaWood and Resin Animal Sculptures by Yurii MyketkaYurii Myketka: Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Yurii Myketka.

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