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Incredibly Exquisite Paper-Crafted Creatures

If you liked Sean Avery's animals made of shattered CDs, you'll enjoy these paper-crafted creatures by France-based graphic studio Zim and Zou. With a similar meticulous effort, artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman, who make up Zim and Zou, rework the inanimate materials to simulate organic characters in the series titled Cabinet de Curiosits. The duo, who met in art school, hand-cut their work from each intricate feather on their bird sculptures to the detailed patterns in their insect paper art.

Not only is the construction of each comprehensive piece impressive, but the color palette and design of the varied animals are eye-catching. The mix of blues, reds and golds within the same bird sounds like it would be too busy, but Zim and Zou execute the combination brilliantly. If you're in the area, these diligently produced works will be on exhibit in London at the Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair from March 22 until April 1, 2012. In the meantime, check out a time-lapsed behind-the-scenes perspective of the work that goes into the creation of these paper sculptures, below.

Photo credit: Arthur Janin
Zim and Zou
via [illusion]

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