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October 26, 2016

Stylish Yorkie Models Trendy Hairstyles with Her Long Locks

Meet Willamina (aka Williecute), the furry faced pup with dozens of stylish hairdos. With her long locks and fashion-forward style, the fetching San Diego-based Yorkshire Terrier is quickly becoming Instagram’s next top dog. Styled by her owner, Laura, the trendy terrier dons adorable ensembles and shows off her blond tresses with an assortment of hairstyles, from braids and top-knots to pig-tails and side parts.

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October 25, 2016

Photographer Captures Close-Up of Fiery-Throated Hummingbird’s Dazzling Rainbow Neck

Photographer Jess Findlay has a knack for nature. Born and raised in British Columbia, an area rich with biodiversity, Findlay—an avid adventurer who enjoys hiking and bird-watching—turned to photography as a way to document and share his love of the natural world. Compositionally, he focuses equally on landscape and on wildlife, combining stunning shots of the environment with unique views of magnificent animals.

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