Big City Double Exposure Photographs

Financial District, New York

Driving through a big city, there are so many things to look at yet our brains have a hard time retaining memories of all the little details. Award-winning photographer Doug Keyes created these magnificent multiple exposure photographs to document travel along a route or within a specific area. His goal was to record what the eye doesn’t see but the mind retains.

Says Keyes: “From the ubiquitous buildings of corporate chains to temporary car wash signs and monuments of long forgotten war heroes, each image is part of a larger Collective Memory project that attempts to answer the question: How do we know what we know?”

Ground Zero, New York

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Louvre, Paris

Opera Garnier, Paris

Highway 101, Oregon

Boston Commons, Boston

New York Harbour Lights, New York

Duomo, Florence, Italy

International District, Seattle

Rainier, Seattle

Hollywood Boulevard, LA

Doug Keyes’ website
via [Photo Eye Gallery]

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