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Capturing the Heart of China

From the other side of the world, it's rather difficult to define China and its people accurately. It's easy to make assumptions based on the political standings of a nation, but it would also be a lazy and faulty presumption. Shanghai-born photographer Shen Wei decided to embark on his own personal project entitled Chinese Sentiment, as he says, “to reconnect with the authentic Chinese life” devoid of a political or economic agenda.

Wei, who currently lives and works in New York City, journeyed back to his native land to rediscover the country's lifestyle on a human level. Without making a political statement regarding the government's influence, that foreigners usually link to the Chinese culture, the returning photographer sought to look at China from an unbiased standpoint. Wei's mix of intimate and populated perspectives give a full and wide outlook on the Chinese way of life. We, as the viewer, get to appreciate the land and its people going about their daily routine. China has its distinctive, beautiful qualities that Wei brings focus to in a very natural way.

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