Hilarious Pet Owners Take Photos with "Cat Beards"

No, that isn’t a young woman with a full-grown white beard, nor is the image Photoshopped. In fact, that’s a cat looking up, right in front of a person’s face. This great and hilarious photo illusion, created in-camera, is what’s known as a Cat Beard. Cats have been getting all the attention on the internet and now their humans are getting in on the action (with their help, of course).

As we all know, memes cause people to get pretty creative and this one is no exception. Wide-eyed cat owners transform themselves into bearded, frowning versions of themselves with their clueless furry little friends just trying to get a peek of their owners above them. In some cases, the pets provide more than just their long, fluffy bodies to mask as facial hair for their human counterparts. They’ve got a scowling frown and a perfectly positioned set of nostrils to go with it. Sometimes the owner even adds some flair of personality with their shocked or grinning eyes, making for one really playful picture.

via [Lustik, Know Your Meme]

January 23, 2017

Makeup Artist Raises Mental Health Awareness With New #InsideOutChallenge

Canadian beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using her makeup skills to spread mental health awareness with her new #InsideOutChallenge. While makeup can be fun and glamorous, Gheidi shows us a different side by using products to transform her face into a mirror for what’s within. The project came about after the 27-year-old self-taught beauty blogger left her staff Christmas party early due to an anxiety attack.

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