April 26, 2017

Anamorphic Sculptures Come to Life in Cylindrical Reflections

For years, we've been fascinated by the surreal sculptures of Jonty Hurwitz. Now, the South African artist is back with a new series of anamorphic pieces. Like his earlier creations, his more recent models creatively reveal themselves through tactical reflections. Hurtwitz's series of warped sculptures features myriad materials. Some are made of metals, like bronze or copper. Others inventively employ plaster and even oil paint.

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April 25, 2017

Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings of the Diverse Landscapes Nature Has to Offer

Istanbul-based painter, decorator, and interior designer Adem Potaş delicately paints stunning scenes of nature. Skilled in depicting light and capturing color, the expert artist creates watercolor landscapes that appear to ethereally glow. Featuring intricate brushstrokes, beautifully blended color, and perfectly cropped compositions, Potaş' series of watercolors showcases the artist's knack for landscape painting. Though his preferred subject matter is always rooted in nature and rendered in his characteristically captivating style, his paintings present a unique look at different scenic settings.

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