September 12, 2017

3D Artist Transforms Everyday People into Their Own Pixar Characters

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Pixar character? Well, 3D artist Lance Phan is now giving ordinary people the chance to see themselves “Pixar-fied.” Using a single photo of the person (or the couple), he applies digital textures and three-dimensional modeling to transform them into stylized portrait art.

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September 7, 2017

400 People Volunteer to Perform Along Train Route to Entertain Passengers Passing By

One of the nicest parts of train travel is relaxing and glancing at the countryside as it whizzes by. But recently, passengers on trains through Germany's Saale Valley were in for an unexpected treat, as the train route was transformed into a giant stage for more than 50 pieces of performance art. The Bewegtes Land project saw 400 residents along the 30-kilometer (19-mile)

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September 5, 2017

Heartwarming Comic Shows the Power of Unity in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

For years, comic artist Liz Climo has illustrated a changing cast of animal characters who interact with each other like humans do. Combining their unique creature qualities with the emotional intelligence of people, the one to three-panel animal comics display sweet moments of humor, friendship, and compassion. Climo demonstrates this—at its best—in her latest work of sequential art that’s about Hurricane Harvey, dedicated to “everyone who's hurting and everyone who's helping.

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September 4, 2017

Glistening Geode Mugs Embedded with Clusters of Lifelike Crystals

Earlier this year, self-taught ceramicist Katie Marks of Silver Lining Ceramics dazzled us with her luminous drinking vessels. Bursting with crystalline clusters and covered in cosmic patterns, these pieces showcase the artist's sculptural skills and have undoubtedly inspired her more recent collection of glistening geode mugs. Citing minerals as her muse, Marks beautifully incorporates a love of geology into her practice. Though each stunning geode mug features a standard silhouette, Marks makes each one unique with her additional embellishments.

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