March 24, 2017

Artist Patiently Creates Complex Floral Drawing with 8 Million Stippled Dots

In the past, we’ve marveled at the magnificent, minutely detailed work of Xavier Casalta. Lucky for us, the French artist is back with more plant-inspired pointillism. Much like last year’s Autumn, his new piece, Winter, is rendered in a stippling technique that captures the natural beauty of the season’s distinctive vegetation. A collage of holly leaves, pine cones, and seasonal flowers like roses and lilies, Winter is an ode to plants that thrive in cold conditions.

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March 23, 2017

Rainbow Tape Installation Flows Through Six-Story Atrium Like a Colorful Waterfall

The newest site-specific installation by American artist Megan Geckler is a colorful, cascading rainbow filling Sydney’s historic Customs House. 46,000 feet of flagging tape streams down the six-story atrium in a work titled A million things that make your head spin. Geckler’s bold, graphic work is a careful study in optical order and architectural construction. Even the material she uses—flagging tape—is a purposeful choice that recalls the boundaries placed around construction sites.

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