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October 20, 2017

25 Unique Mugs That Let You Sip in Style

As we mark the annual shift to sweater weather, autumn admirers are finding unique ways to celebrate. While some enjoy autumnal accessories and pumpkin-themed photo shoots, others find excitement in the simpler things, like a warm cup of tea or coffee. Geared toward the creative drinker, this collection of cool mugs presents a range of stylish ceramic creations. Whether you're an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, or even a believer in unicorns, you're sure to find the quirky cup of your drink-inspired dreams!

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October 11, 2017

Innovative Floating Tent Makes the World Your Waterbed to Sleep Under the Stars

You can’t walk on water, but you can now sleep on it thanks to the Shoal Tent from Smithfly. The first of its kind, this floating raft is equipped with a tent topper that allows you to stay dry while you sleep under the stars. “The world is your waterbed,” the company writes, and they encourage you to set up camp on the likes of a tranquil farm pond or gentle spring creek.

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October 3, 2017

New Espresso Machine Designed to Look Like a Concrete Work of Art

Who doesn't love a good espresso? And while we've often seen our lattes and cappuccinos transformed into works of art, the machine itself has stayed relatively the same. That's where Montaag comes in. The Scandinavian-American design consultancy wanted to upgrade the appliance, transforming it into a sculpture worthy of your kitchen counter.

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August 21, 2017

Enchanting Cocktail Glasses Turn Your Drinks into a Swirling Rainbow

If you like your stemware with a bit of sparkle, you're sure to love Urban Outfitters‘ colorful coupe cocktail glasses. With a miniature rainbow at the bottom of each 6-ounce bowl, the multicolored glasses offer a new way to sip in style. According to Urban Outfitters, each rainbow glass is intended as a fanciful way to “add some rainbow Gatsby glamour to your next get together.

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