LEGO Unveils ‘Tiny Plants’ Set To Add a Touch of Nature Indoors That Will Never Die

Nine LEGO Tiny Plants pots that include cacti, succulents, a Venus fly trap, Jade, Laceleaf, Red Sundew and Pitcher Plant.

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Winter, spring, summer or fall, LEGO's new Tiny Plants collection will thrive in any season. LEGO continues to expand its market in the realm of adult creativity, more recently in designing tiny plants that will brighten up your favorite spaces. This selection offers nine different designs that range from blooming botanicals and hearty vegetation to tropical foliage and plants that thrive in the heart of the desert. If you enjoy the soothing aesthetic plants provide and want access to flourishing indoor greenery, you are in luck. These tiny but mighty compositions made of sustainably sourced plant-based materials will thrive in any setting. LEGO has provided the ideal opportunity for adults to engage in a low-maintenance project that transforms any space into a picture-perfect greenhouse.

Bright, vibrant pigments comprise the uniquely shaped leaves of each flower. Their finely crafted details mimic a zen-enhancing version of perfectly manicured foliage. Each potted plant is carefully designed to provide varying heights, textures, and colors, coming together to create a serene, relaxing atmosphere wherever you choose to display your indoor LEGO garden.

An intriguing design element of this set is the variety of geometric shapes used to create the essence of flowers in the natural world. The curved exterior of the terracotta juxtaposed with the pointed petals of each flower present wonderfully creative depictions of nature reproduced in a different context. And the set includes everything from tropical to desert plants. There's even the carnivorous Venus flytrap.

LEGO's Tiny Plants set is now available for $49.99 on LEGO's website. It is also purchasable on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Cultivate, create and complement your home or workspace with these charming, self-sufficient plants that are always in bloom.

Nine LEGO Tiny Plants with two figures looking at the put together pots.

This is the perfect occasion to reinvigorate that playful, whimsical energy and imagination of childhood. Bring that to life by creating your own LEGO green space.

False Shamrock, Jade and Laceleaf plants in pots.

False shamrock, laceleaf, and jade plant.

Beyond their function as excellent accent pieces, LEGO Tiny Plants offers instructions sprinkled with information about each design, providing fun facts about their natural living environments.

Cacti and succulents. Each plant in a different pot.

Prickly pear, Pincushion cactus, and succulent.

You will not only gain a trusty desk companion, but will also learn something new.

Three LEGO Tiny Plants in pots.

Venus flytrap, Pitcher plant, and red sundew.

If you are constantly on the move, LEGO Tiny Plants have your back.

LEGO Tiny Plants displayed in front of box.

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h/t: [DesignTAXI]

All images via LEGO.

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