Gorgeously Sculpted Formations Represent the Life of a Cell

From 2003 to 2010, landscape artist Charles Jencks developed this amazing project entitled Cells of Life. It was completed as part of Jupiter Artland, a privately-owned sculpture park in Edinburgh. The project includes eight landforms and a connecting causeway developed within the incredible outdoor space.

The foundation for Jencks’ creation was based on the concept of the life of a cell, as well as the cell division process called mitosis. He sculpted hill formations into layered spirals, merged sections of land together with bridges, and organized the complete layout so that from overhead, it “presents their early division into membranes and nuclei, a landform celebration of the cell as the basis of life.”

Founded by Robert and Nicky Wilson, Jupiter Artland is committed to nurturing artists by offering them opportunities to create sculptural work along the Wilson’s 100-acre span of land. A visit to the site is a creative adventure and the website explains, “The artworks are landmarks, events, confrontations on a journey of discovery.” So, although visitors are provided with a map of the area upon arrival, they are encouraged to explore and discover the land, and the art, with great anticipation of what might present itself around that next grassy knoll.

Charles Jencks’ website
Jupiter Artland website
via [The Weird Girl Paradigm]

January 17, 2017

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