Hilarious Coloring Book Images Corrupted from an Adult’s Perspective

The world of children’s coloring books is a happy place filled with smiling animals and flowers, cuddly toys, warm sunshine, and playing children. The new site Coloring Book Corruptions puts a new spin on those images, reimagining the innocent pictures as dark but hilarious scenes.

These “corrupted” illustrations present the amusing thoughts of adults who are creative, playful, and just a little bit twisted. A happy-go-lucky ant frolicking in the grass becomes an ant running around in agony from the flames covering his body. A caterpillar reading a book gets turned into a Satanist who is cheerfully summoning the devil. Two playful jellyfish are redrawn as sinister creatures pulling a swimmer to his death.

Although some of the images may be a little morbid, the overall concept is to provide some lighthearted fun for bored adults with a unique sense of humor. As the creator of the site says, “There's a wonderful sense of corrupted glee to be gained [in] turning a seemingly innocent children's coloring book into something both awful and hilarious.” Feel free to submit your own corrupted creations here.

Coloring Book Corruptions Website
via [Laughing Squid]

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