Adorable Photos Capture Life With Identical Twin Girls

Like many photographers we’ve come to know, Geoff Black was inspired to take up photography after having kids. By day he’s a mortgage banker but whenever he has a free moment you’ll find him snapping adorable photos of his twin girls. In fact, on Flickr, he has a folder dedicated to them which he titles, “The Ladies – Life with Identical Girls.” He describes the set as “The Adventures of Baby-A and Baby-B.”

Throughout the past four years, Black captured some of the most precious moments of their childhood. Right before his eyes (and ours), the young babies have blossomed into brave and beautiful superheroes.

Update: We got in touch with Geoff to ask him some questions about his sweet photography. Read that short Q&A, below.

Did you really take up photography as a hobby when your kids were born?
When my wife was pregnant, a few of our friends were also having babies. The photos they were emailing out to us friends were awful mobile phone or point and shoot images. One day, I declared to my wife, ‘We're buying a real camera and I'm gonna figure out how to use it.’ I bought a Nikon D90 when she was seven months pregnant. I knew nothing about photography and was in for a very steep learning curve. Fourteen cameras later, and here I am.

What’s your favorite photo of them and why?
Probably this one. My wife was on bed rest for the final 12 weeks of a very difficult pregnancy, filled with various complications which could have resulted in the loss of both babies. That image is one of love, relief and success. I have many others that I enjoy very much, but that one has the most personal meaning. This also marks a struggling period for all of us because the twins were in the hospital for another six weeks after birth.

What are their names and how are they alike or different?
Baby A is Jamisen. Jamisen is a character and also very stubborn. While she's a bit bossy at times, she's very sensitive and looks out for her baby sister who was born one minute after her. Jacksen, aka Baby B, is very sweet and generally cooperative. Jacksen was born with rhythm while Jamisen was not. Jacksen will patiently listen to instructions while Jamisen will attempt to re-write the rules.

Which photo has been the most popular and why do you think that is?
This one has the most views. Honestly, I think people just like the aesthetic and the composition. Doesn't have much to do with the subject. That one is a personal victory for me because I'd finally figured out how to get the most out of my little compact Contax T3.

I would bet this one will surpass it. If Flickr had the same traffic as it did a couple years ago, it already would have surpassed the first one.

What do you hope others get out of your photos?
That's difficult to answer. I don't really have a message. I shoot for myself and for my family, to chronicle their lives. At first, I was just trying to take pretty pictures of my kids. Well, the popular definition of a pretty picture of a kid. Then, I learned a lot more about photography and realized I wanted to shift directions. I want to show their characters within the reality of our daily lives without it being mundane.

Geoff Black on Flickr

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