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In Celebration of the Human Spirit

Photographer Jamey Stillings's conceptual images will sweep you away into surprising and thought-provoking scenes that bring a smile to your face. With a passion for the world, Stillings explores his intense curiosities about people, cultures, and ideas through photography. He says, “I strive to celebrate the human spirit, seek magic moments of light and expression, and create a sense of balance, clarity, and simplicity within each image.”

The illusions in each scene are enchanting, as an elephant precariously tightropes across a ravine, a man dusts off a chandelier in the middle of a tree-lined road, and a boy sails along the surface of the desert sands. Through his photography, Stillings brings fantasy worlds to life in these amazing visual stories. He takes us on journeys into extraordinary wonderlands and we get to witness his subjects as they experience great adventures.

Jamey Stillings' website
via [Faith Is Torment]

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