Colorful Mounds of Dirt Transform a Gallery Space

Berlin-based German artist Katharina Grosse produces large-scale installations that transform the spaces they inhabit. Working with mounds of dirt and a wide spectrum of spray painted colors, the artist redefines the area she displays her work in by coloring both her materials as well as the space’s walls and floors. She works with a three-dimensional canvas, painting beyond the typical confines.

By dying more than just her installed materials, Grosse makes each site an integral part of her piece. More than just a plain stage to exhibit her work, each venue serves as a piece of the larger work. Her installations are inclusive works that some aptly refer to as “harmonious chaos.” They even invite visitors to break the fourth wall between art and gallery guest by stepping into the work itself.

Ultimately, visitors are given the thrill of seemingly walking into an alternate universe, stepping onto the colorful terrain of an alien world. It is simultaneously new, strange, and oddly familiar. There is a visual balance between nature and manmade artificiality in the shapes, textures, and colors that heighten these mixed feelings. In the end, it is left to the viewer to decide how they interpret Grosse’s work.

Katharina Grosse website
via [thouhastablog, Art in America, MASS MoCA]

January 19, 2017

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