Paintball Fields Transformed into Mythical Landscapes

At first glance, you might think these are photographs of a warzone after the action. The hazy fog of lingering smoke, the splatters of dirt and grime on the walls, the remnants of buildings and vehicles abandoned in the woods. I guess you could say that there was action here on these fields but it's not what you think.

The scenes are actually paintball facilities in the British countryside photographed by Katja Mayer and Peter Chadwick in the series Days Lost. The two artists used a 6×7 Mamiya camera to capture the essence of the beautiful yet unsettling landscapes.

The Print House Gallery in London describes the project as, "scenes [that] reflect man's relationship with nature, seduction and terror lying within the stillness of these eerie sites." You can view the photographs at the gallery through April 19, 2012.

These are quite interesting shots, I would also be interested to see some additional angles with paintball gear and guns included. Perhaps even some battle action shots!

Katja Mayer's website
Peter Chadwick's website
The Print House Gallery website
via [Co.Design]

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