Curious Masked Men Examine Nature

Watchmen is a series by Paris-based photographer Lionel Bayol-Thmines that presents a number of masked men and women looking over an expanse of land and sea. The calm collection of images give us a taste of a less explored scene of elusive superheroes taking a moment to breathe in their natural surroundings and reflect on their lives.

The viewer is immersed in the images as both the voyeur and the subject. Just like a character in a video game, the models in this series have their backs turned to the camera. The self-reflective series visually engages an audience by composing its subjects in this manner. One is led to not only question the subject's thought process but to reflect on his/her own identity.

Lionel Bayol-Thmines website
Lionel Bayol-Thmines on Behance
via [Unknown Editors]

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