Blazing Flames Create Stunning Landscapes

As the East Coast continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy, we are regularly reminded of the immense powers that nature can have on our modern world. When photographer Mats Petersson had the chance to witness one of these natural elements at work–a controlled forest fire–he couldn’t resist the opportunity to document such a rare occasion. He says, “For me, fire evokes complex questions about our origins, the power of nature, and the future of our planet.”

Firewatch is a series that documents Petersson’s experiences with nature’s strength. Using his trusty Hassleblad camera, the artist followed forest rangers through blazing wildlife as the raw, destructive forces of fire consumed the land. The bright lights and heat from the flames, combined with the smoky smell of burning wood, created what Petersson described as “a surreal environment,” and he says, “I was under a spell shooting these images.” Through this courage and curiosity, Petersson explored an event that we (thankfully) don’t see everyday. In these stunning landscapes, he reveals to his viewers a vibrant new world in which the dark blacks of a crisped forest are set against the bright oranges and reds of the scorching flames.

Mats Petersson on Nevares Fine Art

January 15, 2017

Timeless Photos Capture the Dreamy Villages of Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre, a string of rustic coastal villages along Italy’s Ligurian Coast has long been an inspiration for travel photographers. With plunging cliffs and dramatic vistas, the small towns are ripe for postcard perfect photography. But when Slovenian photographer Jaka Bulc traveled to the Cinque Terre, he immersed himself in a different side of the towns. The result is a set of timeless images that peel back the layers of the well-loved vacation spot.

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January 14, 2017

Portraits of Legendary Musicians Painted on Vinyl Records

For years, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen has created show-stopping works of vinyl art. Inventively using records as his canvas, Edlen has redefined “album art” with his painted portraits of iconic singers and beloved bands. To create each masterpiece, Edlen applies acrylic paint directly onto the record’s vinyl. Stark, black-and-white tones enable each singer’s portrait to dramatically pop from its black background, and delicate, dappled brushstrokes reminiscent of pointillism emphasize the surface’s unique contours.

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