Heartwarming Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling Since Being Rescued Helps Couple Find Love

Sometimes it just takes a feeling to know you’ve found “the one.” That’s how Lisa Reilly describes the first time she saw Meatball (or Meaty), the pit bull mix who would melt her heart and become one of her most constant companions. She writes in an essay for PetCo that she first spotted the smiley dog in a photo posted on Fresno Bully Shelter‘s Facebook page. He reminded her so much of her bull dog, Kitty, who had passed away three months prior. She took him home and gave him the love and care he desperately needed. Upon welcoming her new companion, she came to realize that he loved the camera. 

Reilly gladly snapped shots of Meaty and put his picture on Instagram, quickly realizing how his lovable aura translated across the screen. By scrolling through the images, it’s not hard to see why Meaty’s friendly face has nearly 40K followers falling in love, too.

Right around the time Meaty came into Reilly’s life, she had her first date with Joe, her other love. Meaty was an instant hit with Joe, and it wasn’t long before the two humans worked together to train and play with their new pup. They involved him in all their daily adventures from cooking to watching movies…and of course, dressing Meaty up for photo shoots.

Eventually, Joe even dressed Meaty in the finest formal wear and trained him to balance a diamond ring on his nose, utilizing all of his adorable charms to help present an un-bull-ievably adorable proposal. Now, the newlyweds have a large family of four rescued dogs, each with their own personalities and quirks, but it’s Meaty that demands to stand out, smile big, and put on a show for us all.

Fresno Bully Rescue: Website | Facebook | Instagram
via [The Dodo]

All images via Lisa Reilly.

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