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Dragon Cat and Other Awesome Photo Manipulations of Animals

Redditor unpajarito submitted the image, above, being referred to as Dragon Cat. The fiery breath of the feline grabbed our attention so quickly that we had to look further into the work of artist Miguel P, aka PSHoudini. The Brazil-based artist uses his skilled hand in digital photo manipulation to produce images that merge two worlds, making for one incredibly surreal shot.

A common theme in PSHoudini's body of work is the unification of animals and nature's elements. They are not what we're used to. Fire-breathing cats, goldfish swimming inside of horses made of water, and tortoises whose shells serve as islands are only a few of the artist's imaginative renditions. Looking through his portfolio, we're transported to a magical alternate universe, one where owls and seahorses coexist underwater.

PSHoudini on deviantART
via [reddit]

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