Mind-Bending Vertical Strips of Alternating Images

Photographer Isabel M. Martinez explores multi-narratives and points of view in her series Quantum Blink and The Weekend. Employing a vertical pattern displaying alternating images presents a sense of simultaneous storylines. The Chile native, who currently lives and works in Toronto, experiments with time and space while offering different scenarios within the same image.

Each visual, from the two series that utilize this technique, require a conscious effort to distinguish one spatiotemporal-specific universe from the other. The two adjacent timelines blend incredibly well together without ever physically intersecting. Upon a quick glance, it’s evident that the images make use of a collage effect, but it isn’t always clear that different perspectives and points in time are intercut in between. It really feels like a workout for your brain to try and isolate the two images displayed in each photo.

If you want to get in some mental exercise in person, two of Martinez’s photos are on sale through Eye Buy Art.

Isabel M. Martinez’s website
via [vvork]

December 2, 2016

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December 2, 2016

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