Moody London Lomography

Gavin Hammond is a music producer, cartoonist, poet, folk musician, filmmaker and Lomographer from London. His various creative pursuits all share a certain dreamy, dark, beautiful and yet ironic quality, and express (in many ways) what the Portuguese know as Saudade – a yearning for things that have not happened yet.

When he's not staring out the window contemplating the cruel ironies of life, Hammond wonders the streets with his Lomographic camera in hand, imagining he's in the closing scenes of a French film. The creative result is an amazing collection of moody photographs that would make a perfect Lomography film noir guide to London for melancholics: It's his unique way of seeing the city, a sentimental sepia homage to this great, grey monolith of a town.

If you haven't heard of Sweet Tooth, his b-movie pop project, they also make an admirable soundtrack to these scenes.

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