Colorful Interactive Floral Room Evolves Over Time

The latest installation in Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki's Echoes-Infinity series titled Moment & Eternity has redefined the gallery space at Third Floor inside Herms in Singapore, enveloping the entire room in a burst of color. The floral motifs that spread up and down the walls and extend across the floor offer a lively aesthetic inspired by European, Asian, Japanese, and Singaporean art to the otherwise bare, blank space.

Made with colored pigments on white felt, the artist invites visitors to the gallery to immerse themselves within the work. It is through their interactive foot traffic that the installation's visual presence evolves. As colors are smeared and markings from the audience's footprints are naturally imprinted into the ground, they serve as symbolic representations of the passage of time. The gallery's statement also says that “a framed version of the original work is mounted on the gallery wall, making clear the contrast between the original installation and the work to which each visitor has subsequently contributed.”

Shinji Ohmaki website
via [designboom]

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