12 Adorable Then and Now Photos of Pets and Their Owners

14 years apart (via Imgur)

The bond between human and pet is a special one that cannot be replicated. Bringing a fluffy, furry friend home on that very first day is a thrilling experience filled with the promise of many playful days and lifelong companionship. This collection of then and now photographs documents those exciting new beginnings juxtaposed against a reenacted photo many months or years later.

The adorable relationship that a child and a pet develop at a young age is an incredible bond maintained throughout a lifetime. Sadly, as we age, so do our pets at a much more rapid pace. This visual juxtaposition of new and old is a bittersweet documentation of time passing by.

The animals and the people are posed pretty much exactly the same, with the more recent photos showing the unavoidable details of aging. As happy as the series is, it is also a sad glimpse into the undesirable aging process that inevitably overcomes us all. Regardless of the changes–the people and animals have gotten larger, gained a few pounds, perhaps grown a few gray hairs–the close bond and that special love between friends is an unbreakable connection that is evident throughout the years.

17 years apart (via Reddit)

10 years apart (via Imgur)

17 years apart (via Reddit)

6 months apart (via Imgur)

16 years apart (via DogHeirs)

5 months apart (owner Donny found puppy, Smoke, while deployed in Afghanistan) (via DailyMail)

4 years apart (via Imgur)

1 year apart (via Imgur)

10 years apart (via Reddit)

21 years apart (via Imgur)

11 years apart (via Imgur)

via [Bored Panda]

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