What Makes a Good Photo Great?

If you’re someone who wants to take their photography to the next level, you can take classes or read books and articles like this one from LIFE.com that gives you useful and practical tips. LIFE has gathered some great advice from professional shooters, passionate aficionados, and LIFE editors so that photographers at practically any skill level can learn how to take their best shot.

From the basics like lighting and composition to taking the best portrait or travel picture possible, scroll through their galleries to learn a little something today.

Look for New Environments, Mix People Up
“LIFE.com asked professional photographer Tyler Stalman to offer insights on the art of portraiture — or how to take pictures of people that really feel alive. Of this classic LIFE photograph by John Loengard of the Beatles in a pool in Miami, Stalman says: ‘Most people, when taking group shots, want to line everybody up — even putting them in rows — but when you have a bunch of people it’s great to put them in a new or unexpected environment. Like this Loengard photo: you get all this extra depth in the picture, and there’s so much going on at once. Don’t be afraid to shuffle people around when you’re doing a group shot.'”


January 18, 2017

25 Animals Who Have Mastered the Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie

The term selfie hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already deeply ingrained into our society. A selfie is one way to show off your impeccable fashion, as well as proof that you did something (or met someone) cool. It’s even turned into a viable career option for a few lucky people—Kim Kardashian published an entire book dedicated hers, so this style of self-portraiture is definitely here to stay.

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