Winners of the International Fine Art Photography Competition 2013

Ready to see a selection of today’s best fine art photography? The International Fine Art Photography Competition (Grand Prix de la Dcouverte) has just announced its 2013 winners. Each year, the competition invites emerging and mid-career photographers from around the world to enter their finest work. This year, the competition received more than 5,000 entries from an astounding 82 countries! Seven grand prize winners were selected in categories like Abstract, Cityscape/Architecture and Landscape/Seascape/Nature.

“As visual images flood the planet, the fine art photographer’s creative challenge is to make truly original images–photographs that have impact and the ability to provoke or evoke response,” said Meredith Mullins, Director and Co-Founder of the program. “That’s what this competition is about, and it has become one of the most highly regarded competitions of its kind. The 2013 submissions–and the exceptional winners– prove that fine art photography is alive and well . . . and a very powerful force.”

A new exhibit just opened that features the works of the seven winners along with the 37 other finalists. From now till November 11, visit the Salon de la Photo in Paris, where you’ll join more than 100,000 photography enthusiasts, to see these astounding images up close. One of our favorites circulated around the web earlier this year – Marcin Ryczek’s stunning photo of a man feeding swans in the snow. (See above.)

Meredith Mullins of OIC states, “Marcin's winning image is a simple, contemplative, perfectly composed moment of everyday life–stark white snow juxtaposed with the rippled black Vistula River flowing through Krakow, white swans being fed by a black-clad man. Positive and negative space. Yin and yang.”

Now, from all of the 44 finalist photos, here are our top 10.

Above: 1st Place Landscape/Seascape/Nature: A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow
Photo: Marcin Ryczek (Poland)

3rd Place Landscape/Seascape/Nature: Egret
Photo: Dennis Ramos (USA)

Honorable Mention Landscape/Seascape/Nature: Behind a Little House
Photo: Manuel Cosentino (Italy)

1st Place Abstract: The Inner Invisible
Photo: Simona Bonanno (Italy)

Honorable Mention Abstract: Hesitation
Photo: Samuel Feron (France)

1st Place Cityscape/Architecture: Multiexpo 2
Photo: Frank Machalowski (Germany)

1st Place Experimental: Running to the Edge
Photo: Julia Borissova (Russia)

Honorable Mention Experimental: Running With the Fairies
Photo: Kuilli Sparre (Estonia)

Honorable Mention Experimental: Mind the Cloud
Photo: Juliana Manara (UK)

3rd Place Street Photography: Soar
Photo: Souvid Datta (UK)

International Fine Art Photography Award website

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