Watch 100 People Scream as Loud as They Can in This Funny and Cathartic Video

Man screaming for "100 people screaming video"

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

What makes you scream? It can be fear, it can be excitement. Others can scream from a mere need of catharsis. Ultimately, it's a universal activity charged with emotion. As part of their Keep it 100 series, Cut recently asked 100 people to scream at the top of their lungs on camera. The result is a funny and insightful video that reveals a lot about the human condition.

The subjects react to the request of screaming in a wide variety of ways. A couple of people stretch. One man has a very physical response for just a tiny scream to come out of his mouth. A few people cut off their scream quickly, and burst into laughter from nervousness. One guy jumps and does a split in the air, followed by another who screams at the wall behind him. Coincidentally, a few women reveal that they are recovering from an illness, so the scream is not coming out despite their best efforts.

After screaming, some exclaim, “That felt good!” Others describe it as “relieving” and like having a weigh taken off their chest. Many of the women let out screeches that could land them the role of a final girl in a horror movie. After letting out a roar, a woman says, “I do that in the car sometimes,” a sentiment shared by many others in the video. When asked what they were thinking about, a lot bring up the stress of work and family problems.

Though there are many that participate in eccentric fashion, some people are more coy and quiet, and feel embarrassed at being pushed into letting out something louder than an “aahhh!” A few feel uncomfortable screaming around people because they don't want to annoy others, despite clearly being asked to do it. One woman simply doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of screaming. “I'd rather cry,” she declares.

As viewers, one unexpectedly feels the relaxing element of seeing others scream in a safe, controlled environment. This, besides the fact that almost anyone can relate to at least one of the screaming participants, elevates the video from a curious compilation to something closer to a revealing social experiment.

Scroll down to watch the whole video below.

Cut recently asked 100 people to scream at the top of their lungs.

Woman screaming for "100 people screaming video"

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Watch the enlightening (and somehow relieving) video:

Cut: Website | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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