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Optical Illusion Paintings Framed as Colorful Portals to Another Dimension


Anonymous street artist 1010 has downsized his substantially larger, building-sized murals to form intriguing artwork that you can actually hang in your home. Each one serves as its own colorful optical illusion. Using a 3D gradient, 1010 makes his framed work look as though it's a portal to another artistic dimension. While the designs may appear to be a spontaneous vortex, they're actually man-made using acrylic paint and hand-cut paper. With these simple tools, the creative is able to transform a framed painting into a dynamic creation that will leave viewers oohing and ahhing in wonder.

Portal2Portal3Portal5Portal6Portal7Portal8Portal9Portal10Portal1Portal11Portal121010: Website | Facebook | Hashimoto Contemporary
via [Sweet Station]

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