11 Cleverly Designed WTF Situations

We've got a situation! Argentina-based design company Estudio Minga makes us laugh with their cleverly designed WTF? series. These eleven illustrations are well-executed, giving us simple stories in straightforward ways. Also, love how each of these can stand on their own but when taken together, make a wonderful, imaginative and creative series. I got in touch with Creative Director of Estudio Minga, Martn Recio, to ask him a few questions. Read that short Q&A below.

Q: Why was the WTF series created? It's about things that happen to us while living a normal life…when you clearly don't understand why those things happened! They're usually out of the ordinary things that occur to all of us but are sometimes hard to believe. It began as an in-house joke here in the studio so we decided to make it a “Design Piece.” Q: I like this quote from your website, “Estudio Minga has been born under a kind of virtue (or sentence), a reflex of a shown need, to be different from everything known up to now.” Can you please explain this? What did you mean by it? A: We like to show people that we live by our work, live by a statement, live by one rule: Live by and for Minga! ‘Cause we love what we do, 'cause we want to be different from anything known. That's why this would be a virtue, because we live our life making design, 'cause we're gonna die doing it, and we're never going to change that. Q: In this day and age, how hard is it to stand out from the crowd? It's always hard to stand out from the crowd. There are lot of designers and creatives out there in the world! These days, there's a lot more ways to gain exposure as well as more tools. The internet is one of the most important tools and has saved a lot of creative studios around the world and also opened new channels of communication. It's like a new, entire game with millions of people connected. So yes, it's hard to stand out the crowd, but it's a really beautiful and daily challenge! Q: How has the internet helped your business grow? A: As we said, the internet is one of our top three tools these days. It has helped us gain exposure, because we can show our work to the entire world with just a single click. And that is not a small thing. Imagine us, a small design/creativity boutique that has the chance to share our work with the world, it's really amazing! So, thank you internet! But always remember, the internet is not made by itself, it's just a tool we can use, to make beautiful things for the common good. Q: Which websites do you go to for creative inspiration? A: We visit Behance.net, Brand New and our own blog, where we share interesting and creative inspiration daily with the entire world. Estudio Minga

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