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5 Modern Design Items I Absolutely Love (By DOT)

It's rare when you can find a company that can hit it out of the park every time. This is DOT, a design oriented household, personal care, outdoor and leisure items company that houses a collection of products with an unusual look at the world of things. Only making each product in a small series, “DOT tries to catch the blend between poetry and irony, shape and function, innovation and tradition.” First up is the boat, an enameled ceramic candle-holder with interchangeable colored candles. Its shape tells the paper boats that it has been designed to float. Placed in the swimming pool, these handmade candles will light your summer evenings. Doesn't it remind of a lone character traveling the calm sea?

Next up? Why it's the CipCip, a colored enameled ceramic birdhouse that provide a warm winter shelter for small birds. Thanks to its natural materials, such as hemp rope and unleaded enamels, CipCip is a unique long-lasting object to be used in your garden. “Birds come hither! I am your mama!”

Our third item will have any loved one smile the minute they wake up. GoodMorning is a breakfast set made up of three comic strip-shaped mats and three handmade chocolate pastels which allows you to leave drawings and messages in the morning to your partner. Can't you imagine Richard Gere writing a sweet message to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on here?

Item number four is the Ovetto, a fried egg-shaped cutting board. The uniqueness of this cutting board is the yolk with a practical hole, which helps to put the cut food into small containers or cooking pans. No more getting tomato juice all over the cutting board cracks! Bloody brilliant!

And finally, the Unvase, a vase that features a solid and hollow arrangement which create an optical illusion. Where should you put those flowers? Hey, I think you missed!

All these great products can be found on the DOT website. Happy Friday, everyone. {Via Josh Spear}

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