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Dreamy 3D Paper Creations Gracefully Re-Imagine Nature’s Beauty

In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook the natural beauty that surrounds us. With her ornate and dream-like paper creations, Polish illustrator Bozena Rydlewska, aka Bozka, helps to remind us that Mother Nature is a true artist. Using symmetrical, fluid 2D illustrations from her New Botany series as a foundation, she works outward, creating 3D art that takes children's pop-up books to a new, strikingly unique level. 

Bozka's work stems from the distinct connection that she feels with the plants of our natural world. In her profile on Natural Recall, a community project for those that feel a sense of camaraderie with the plant kingdom, Bozka states, “This work is the effect of my many dreams – it is our floral spinal cord with a heart-shaped center, the head of a flower that is looking at us, with us always looking back. There is the movement and stillness of nature and all is suspended in the vast, white space of dreams.” Bozka's work goes beneath the surface, acting as an extension of her pure, honest affection toward plant life, which she sees as having human, physical qualities. 

The artist gracefully evokes the qualities of a fairytale – pleasing on the surface, but profoundly deep in the message that it attempts to convey. With help from Bozka's understanding and relationship to the plant world, we, as onlookers, have the exciting opportunity to view nature as we've never seen it before. 

Bozka Rydlewska's Website

via [Hi-Fructose, Natural Recall]

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