Adorable Photos of Little Donkeys That Break Their Stubborn Stereotypes

When you hear the phrase “adorable animal,” household pets like kittens and puppies often come to mind; however, there's one animal that happens to be just as adorable, one that we don't often think of–donkeys! Though calling someone a donkey is traditionally an insult and these creatures are usually associated with being stubborn and lazy, it definitely shouldn't be because these animals are downright lovable. They have chunky, fluffy bodies and endearingly goofy expressions that will make you melt. Plus, when they get together, they tend to nap with their necks around each other in a hug-like formation. It's too cute for words!

To honor this charming creature in all its glory, we've picked out a few snapshots that highlight just how darling donkeys can be.

Above photo via Blue Iris

Look at this baby donkey frolicking in its human's fields and try not to smile. Photo via kitteh131

This mother donkey is clearly trying to resist her baby's cuteness. Photo via hotbox / Shutterstock

Sweet-smelling flowers and an even sweeter donkey. Photo via luchek

One hug we'd love to be a part of. Photo via charitybliss

Okay, another one. Photo via Imgur

This mini donkey is just starting to grow into its ears. Photo via imgur

A mom and her baby take on the world together (with cuteness on their side, of course). Photo via Don Fink / Shutterstock

“Okay, I'll let you capture my beauty–but just this once!” Photo via Mexitographer / Shutterstock

Another irresistible donkey hug–donkeys are just so friendly! Photo via Ruslana Iurchenko / Shutterstock

A delightfully darling, dwarf donkey.

Photo via MichaelHansen / Shutterstock

Just look at those wiry whiskers! Photo via Svietlieisha Olena / Shutterstock

Even kittens can't resist those big, friendly eyes.

If there's one takeaway, it's to remember that all members of the Animal Kingdom have redeeming qualities… and donkeys are super cute!

via [The Dodo]

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