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Playful LEGO Mashups of Pop Culture Icons


Buenos Aires-based art director Alexandre Tissier used one of our favorite toys, LEGOs, to playfully imagine new and fun characters. The series is titled LEGO – Fiction Meets Fiction and it mashes up pop culture icons like Spiderman, Batman, and Homer Simpson to transform them into Spider Bond, Homerine, and Batkid custom figurines.

The amusing characters aren’t the combinations that you’d necessarily expect. A stout Homer Simpson is paired with the buff X-Men known as Wolverine. Likewise, the evil Darth Vader has a body adorning a colorful, floral kimono.

Tissier has taken one of the best things about LEGOs – the ability to easily swap different pieces – and translated it into an advertising campaign. These images demonstrate what many kids and adults already do, which is replace one person’s head with another’s body; in doing so, your imagination runs wild creating new characters and architecture. The marketing has taken to the streets and is posted at bus stops, train stations, and other public places.

alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-2alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-3alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-4alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-5alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-6alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-7alexandre-tissier-lego-fiction-meets-fiction-8Alexandre Tissier: Behance
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