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Colorful Collection of Double Exposures by Aneta Ivanova

Bulgaria-based Aneta Ivanova is the photographer behind these striking double exposures that merge layers of landscapes together with silhouetted portraits. We adore her many black and white compositions, and she even provided us with a tutorial at the bottom of this post on how to develop such intriguing stories through digital manipulations.

Now, in this colorful collection, Ivanova continues to mix natural elements like the sea or flower petals with soft feminine features. In doing so, she creates a beautiful depth that challenges ideas of reality.

These photographs, in particular, focus on personal elements that she weaves together into completely mesmerizing stories. She uses herself and her sisters as the models as well as photographs from Varna, the town where she was born. There is a luminous energy that radiates from all of her work and produces mystical sensations of magic and intrigue.

Aneta Ivanova’s website
via [L’Acte Gratuit]

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