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Adorable Dog Duo Always Gladly Welcomes Cat Best Friend into Their Snuggle Time

Pet Friendship

Friends come in all shapes and sizes—just ask the dynamic duo Watson and Kiko. The two Golden Retrievers have been best pals for years and judging from their adorable Instagram, they’re inseparable. When they’re not enjoying the outdoors together, they are snuggling in bed (preferably under the covers).

Although Watson and Kiko are close, they don’t shut others out. They are more than willing to share cuddle time with other animal friends like their feline pal, Harry. The gray fluff ball offers a silly side to their routine, and he often demonstrates his impressive ability to sandwich himself between the canines; it’s as if he was always meant to be there. And judging from how content the two Golden Retrievers look, it’s clear they agree.

To see what the trio is up to now, follow along with Watson and Kiko on Instagram.

Meet Watson and Kiko, two Golden Retrievers who are best pals.

Animal FriendsAnimal FriendsAnimal FriendsAnimal Friends

Though they’re inseparable, they still make room in their duo for more animal friends—like a cat named Harry.

Pet FriendshipPet Friendship

The trio is passionate about napping…

Pet FriendshipPet FriendshipPet FriendshipPet FriendshipPet FriendshipPet FriendshipPet Friendship

… and will stick together in times of good…

Pet Friendship

… and not so good.

Pet FriendshipWatson and Kiko: Instagram
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Watson and Kiko. 

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