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Photographer Captures the Poetic Beauty of a Smoldering Rose Bouquet

Warsaw-based creative studio Ars Thanea captured an incredible image that will make you see roses in a whole new light. Typically, we think of roses as a symbol of romance, but what happens when this iconic flower is set aflame? The answer to this unusual question lies within the studio’s snapshot, titled The Ash, featuring a smoldering arrangement of roses. While the photograph is actually meant to be a reference shot for an illustration, it stands out in its own right. The soft petals are transformed into delicately crumbling ash, while orange embers glow amidst the darkness. Ultimately, the photo can be described as poetically beautiful.

“We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do,” Ars Thanea explains on Behance. “Luckily, if we have enough patience, a real willingness and at least a pinch of determination, we are able to make our dream come true. Our experience has also taught us to have the best and the right people beside you, because they are the main ingredient of every success. So this time we wanted to share with you guys a result of an idea and a great cooperation to make it real. ‘The Ash’ – came to our minds as a simple thought – glowing roses – maybe as a some kind of symbol or maybe as a simple whim.”

Ars Thanea: Website | Behance | Facebook  
via [Colossal]

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