Artificial Sea Trees Restore Environment

Waterstudio.NL is an architecture firm that specializes in creating projects that are on or near water. One of their newest projects is a towering multilayered structure called the Sea Tree. In an effort to bring back healthy environments to large cities, these structures would be built in the rivers, lakes, or harbors that often border large metropolises and house not only sea life but also various birds, insects, and plant life.

They would be pre-fabricated offshore and tethered to the water bed by a series of cables that would allow it to sway lightly in the wind. Depending on the location's specific needs, the height of the trees can be adjusted to best suit the area. The hope is that there will be multiple Sea Trees throughout the city creating a web of environment, helping structures that have a positive affect for miles around them. The design is highly cost effective and Waterstudio.NL's idea would be to have big oil companies donate the towers to cities to show their appreciation for the environment. Regardless of who would be buying them, this design could have a really positive impact for the environment while not taking up expensive and limited space in cities.

Waterstudio.NL's website
via [Archdaily]

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