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Madeleine Muzdakis is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and a historian of early modern Britain & the Atlantic world. She holds a BA in History and Mathematics from Brown University and an MA in European & Russian Studies from Yale University. Madeleine has worked in archives and museums for years with a particular focus on photography and arts education. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking, film photography, and studying law while cuddling with her cat Georgia.
May 19, 2023

Sneak Peek at Sir Ben Kingsley as Salvador Dalí for New Film ‘Dalíland’

It's often thought that painters only become famous after they're dead. But many have been standout stars in their lifetime, such as Andy Warhol and Michelangelo. Among the artistic geniuses who became living legends in their day was Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. The eccentric painter and sculptor was born in 1904 in Catalonia and died at the age of 84.

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May 15, 2023

Khan Academy Founder Says AI Will Revolutionize Education and Make Guided Learning Accessible to More Than Just the Rich

For the past decade, Kahn Academy has been a leader among education non-profits. By producing thousands of videos on topics ranging from kindergarten counting to LSAT logic problems, the organization promotes a free, excellent education available to all. Help in algebra and trig, social studies and math, all meet the student where they are at.

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May 12, 2023

5,400-Year-Old “Great Grandfather” Cypress Tree May Be Oldest in World

Embed from Getty Images Trees are living history. These witnesses to time include an ancient olive tree at Vouves on the island of Crete which watched empires rise and fall, and Methuselah the twisted 4,800-year-old California bristlecone pine whose seed sprouted before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Now, scientists have discovered a Patagonia cypress tree in Chile known as “Great Grandfather” or Alerce Milenario is even older.

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April 26, 2023

Can Bees Feel Emotions? New Study Suggests They Are Sentient

Bees are critical to American agriculture. They pollinate over $15 billion worth of crops across our country each year. But lately, habitat destruction and colony collapse disorder have wreaked havoc on these incredible creatures. As useful as they are to humans, bees do not receive the same care and concern over their emotional wellbeing as other agricultural animals.

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