21 Miles of Twine Hang Overhead

Artists Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues founded the Ball-Nogues Studio in Los Angeles, California. The partners collaborate in a variety of projects that integrate traditional hands-on projects with digital technologies. Feathered Edge is a project that was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. The artists state that the project, “explores our desire to alter a space with fluid architectural forms that require a minimal use of material.” The final result is a soft, ‘printed' structure of overlapping layers of color that resemble objects hovering in space.

The piece consists of 3,604 individual lengths of cut and color saturated twine, collectively totaling a length of 21 miles! The plans for the installation were digitally created via special software created by the Ball-Nogues Studio. The artists then hand-knotted each piece of twine in a process they identify as similar to making a latch-hook rug.

Through this soft, flowy structure, Ball and Nogues form a new way of considering architecture. Viewers can see through this piece, and the people, movement, and light create an ever-changing interaction with the space.

Ball-Nogues Studio website
via [Job's Wife]

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