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Brilliant Pencil Vs Camera Series (Part 3)

Here at My Modern Met, we’re big fans of Ben Heine’s work. The Belgian artist busted out into the art scene back in April 2010 when his incredibly creative series, Pencil Vs Camera, captured the hearts and minds of people from all around the world. Heine melds his love and passion for illustration and photography to come up with pieces that stretch our imagination. We’ve kept a close eye on the artist’s portfolio and thought this would be the perfect time to feature some of his latest work.

“Pencil Vs Camera is all about illusion, dream, poetry, magic and simplicity,” says Heine. “The challenge is to create a 3D-like drawing on a piece of paper; the sketch should be connected with the photographic background but it should also say a little story by itself. I always try to give symbolic meaning to my drawings so that the message goes deeper than the photo alone. The combination of drawing and photography is really a powerful way to express ideas. There are no limits because everything is possible; every single illusion can be created on the paper.”

Ben Heine’s on deviantART

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