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Beyond the Clutter of Everyday Life

In our fast-paced world, there never seems to be enough time and it feels almost impossible to break free from our surroundings. Nigel Cox, a painter based in London, has created a series of figurative paintings whose subjects are removed from their busy city environments. Instead, he offers each of them a serene escape through his photorealistic minimalist stylings.

Cox says, “My paintings provide the viewer with a glimpse beyond the clutter of everyday life, conjuring up notions of escape and peace, offering sanctuary from the frenetic world outside. The figures are alone but not lonely; searching but not anxious, anticipating yet calm. They have an inner peace and strength and are at one with their surroundings. The paintings reflect solitude, tranquility and confidence, giving every day scenes an unexpected and surreal feeling while keeping them solidly within the real world.”

Nigel Cox's website

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